Custom Retaining Walls Pool Decking Warm Outdoor Fire Pits Stunning Accent Walls Lushious Green Spaces Memorable Entrance

Custom Retaining Walls

We mix together your lifestyle, functionality, and plantings for a project than transforms a mundane area into something you're proud to show off.

It's an investment that gives you real returns.

Pool Decking

Crystal blue water, smooth stone underfoot, and a warm breeze causing the trees to sway.

Sounds like heaven to us. A beautiful, relaxing heaven on earth.

Warm Outdoor Fire Pits

Marshmallows, hot dogs, the wood crackling and popping.

The best times are had fireside.

Stunning Accent Walls

Give your visitors a warm welcome with grandeur hardscaping, beautiful shrubbery, and flowers specifically selected to your liking custom to your location and soil temperament.

Lushious Green Spaces

We humans are 50% or more made of water. It's not a wonder that we are attracted to lakes, ponds, and the ocean--the tranquility and excitement.

Enliven your space and escape to your small pond or waterfall.

Memorable Entrance

Driveways are a visitor's first impression and final takeaway. We believe in making this piece of your lawn as manicured and nice as the rest of your lawn.

Don't neglect the one piece that can set your yard a part.


You have a vision. Maybe a patio or an outdoor kitchen maybe even a swimming pool.

That’s where we come in, we look at your space, your budget and vision.


Every family is looking for something different, a backyard their family can grow with.

We help you determine what is best suited for your family for lifelong enjoyment.


Our designs are low maintenance so you can enjoy them without worry or work. They also increase your home’s value.

We believe in long-term designs and long-term memories.


Family cook-outs, parties, and morning coffee breaks, each design is custom to your family's needs.

Make memories that last a lifetime.

At River Wood Outdoors, we believe in making our client's outdoor dreams a reality with quality materials in the hands of an experienced contractor.

Email us today to schedule a FREE, custom consultation.